Grace Baptist Church is community of people devoted to growing together in Christ. Growing together means that we need to communicate with one another. One of the tools that we use at Grace to aid in communication between individuals, leadership, care groups and committees is Church Community Builder.

Church Community Builder is an online database that helps us to keep track of groups, classes, online giving and contact information all in one place.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to log on and check it all the time?

Not necessarily. We ask leaders to be more involved that most, but if you simply update your contact information and never log in again, that’s fine. We’ll still be able to communicate with you and help you be involved in our church.

Who has access to my information?

Only appropriate people have access to your information. Leadership like staff and elders will have access to your full profile. For everyone with a profile, there is an online directory of people at Grace (that also have a profile) that only includes your contact information, but you can opt out of this if you desire.

How will Nursery Check-in work?

You will be able to check your children in at the kiosk in the nursery when you drop them off. When you check them in, your child will be given a nametag and you will be given a matching label to pick them up after the service/class is done. We will give you a pager when you check your child in, as well as text your phone if we need to get ahold of you.